Windows and Doors

House and building are not complete without windows and doors. Modern age architecture emphasis on durable material that lasts for a long time. Builder is looking into material that is lighter in profile, has strength with low maintenance along with beautiful color and designs.

The window let in light and proper air require for ventilation purposes. Window not only serves as a need but it adds aesthetic value in a home and commercial buildings.

Some serve the ideal purpose of vastness and provide a gateway to airflow inside. Different windows differ in attire and are adjustable to the need of the building according to architecture and beauty. We are providing the following options to our valuable customers to fulfill the requirement of modern architecture of your home and buildings.


Slid/Stacking Window

These are the windows that open sideways like traditional windows. Some builder uses them for basement and in bedrooms because it offers ventilation and good view. They are easy to operate and lighter in weight. These windows are free of mechanical parts with basic seals. Slid stacking windows are least expensive because of simple outlook.

Double Hung/Sashless Windows

Double-hung windows are common and familiar window types know to people. These are moveable windows. The main key feature of the double-hung window is good ventilation properties. You can open the sash halfway around or you can open the whole window any way you like. You can enjoy the natural flow of air through the lower lowering opening or upper opening as well. These windows are easy to clean from inside and outside as well.

The Awning/Casement Windows

Casement windows are simple windows that have large panes that allow maximum light inside to give a wider look with large panes. These windows offer good ventilation area in comparison with other window types. Awning windows can offer effective seal in extreme climate conditions when they are locked and properly close and add a modern-day concept of energy saving.

Fix Glass

Fix glass windows are the type of window that is fix in the wall and cannot move like a slid window or another window type. These windows are best recommended for an area where weather conditions are too extreme. They are less prone to air leakage and occupy the center portion of the wall and allow inside out vision and sunlight into the living area.

Bi-Fold Window

Bi-fold windows are made up of farms and window frame with many sashes which are hanged together. The design and build of this window type allow the little area to open and clearance the window. These windows allow living area expansion and provide lifetime reliability.


Sliding/ Stacking Door

Sliding and Stacking doors offer two door panels in which one is fixed and the other one is moving. These doors are easy to open and operate. It invites fresh air and sunshine in the back yard or front yard where you plan to fix them. These doors allow more space to your house and consider as good energy saver.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold door is made up of slides, a serious of panels and folds that divide the rooms and another living area. These doors allow inside and out opening and it can be install without bottom track but it is recommended that these bottom tracks offer support to the weight of the door.

Hinged Door

The high door has consisted of a solid wooden panel or hollow cored attached with a door jamb with two or multiple hinges. These are best fits for taller doors that hold strength to hold heavy doors. These are the fist options of the builder for the replacement door.

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