Awning Windows In Australia:

Awning windows or casement windows are like brothers and sisters, very similar to each other, share the same specifications but different in functionality. Have hinges to open and close; both open and shut backward. The difference is awning has hinged on the top and casement have them on the left or right.

Awnings become more popular than the casement, if you are going to choose awning windows for your home then let me tell you about some of the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows, I hope this will found you a lot of information and help you to make a right choice.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Awning Windows?

The awing window provides more ventilation then the casement because of their suitability on their higher place on the wall, and this offers more and direct ventilation, also you can get more sunlight and ventilation without compromising on your privacy.

Higher windows do not come in the way of your art, pictures, and furniture if you are not a fan of the outside view. Windows can’t be open in rain like situation, but these windows can be opened in rain also, because of their high position. This allows cool air to come in the keep their water out of your house. If they are closed, the airtight and give you extra cut on your energy bills.

  •       Ventilation
  •       Outstanding views
  •       Energy effacing
  •       Savings on bills
  •       Affordable options
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Security

Cons of Awning Windows:

Awning windows may be one of the best windows that you can get in a sense of ventilation needs, but while they are used in higher places, they are not such a great option in high traffic areas, because they are easy to run into. They can catch the dirt very quickly but very easy to clean. Remember that these are not emergency windows, so if you wanting emergency windows, then this should not be your choice.

This post is all about the Awning Windows In Australia if you are looking for something else like.

Where Can I Find The Awning Windows In Sydney?

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