Shop Fronts



Shop Fronts

JA aluminium and Glass offers an extensive range of Commercial Façade Shopfront Framing for any application on your Commercial Project throughout NSW Australia.

JA aluminium and Glass Shopfront Framing Systems are designed to be fully integrated with an extensive range of Window and Door options including Fixed, Sliding, Swing, Bi-Fold, Frame less and Automatic Entry Doors, Sashes and Louvres.



  • The range of frame depths
  • Centre and flush-faced glazing positions
  • Single and double glazing options
  • High water performance and acoustic build-ups
  • Options for captive and non-captive appearances
  • Options for glass partition walls
  • Options for customized frame less shopfronts


Shop Fronts
Shop Fronts

Shop Fronts

Outside part of a shop which faces the street ahead and have windows and door are known as shop front. Shop fronts have a number of qualities to be taken into account including its look, design and environment bearing. There are limitless shop front designs, various manufacturers are making. The best possible space and lightening are taken into account while designing some shop front. Shop fronts are made of many materials i.e. timber, glass, steel and aluminium. Usage of aluminium revolutionized the designs by providing exceptional solutions in the construction industry. There are many reasons for its usage but some of them are given

It is resistant to corrosion caused humidity of air as well as it is resistive to atmospheric pollutants. Aluminium glass made door fronts are durable, low weighted and strong. It is also flexible and can be bent and provides architectures to assemble it into various beautiful designs. Due to the reasons given above it will gets rusty or warp. The door fronts which are made up of aluminium laminated glass act as magnet to attract customers.

They can be made according to standard and individual specifications. There corrosion resistivity, flexibility, durability and strength enable architects to make numerous designs of door fronts. Their popularity is due to designation for heavy and frequent usage. Therefore supermarkets, showrooms and stores are getting very interesting options. They are available in huge range of colors, style with a large numbers of handles. Cost effectiveness is an other positive option during their installation.

Many shop fronts have automatic doors. This technology has been emerged long ago even such doors with floor map sensors were being used in 1940s. These automatic doors allow or restrict objects pass through them depending on logic design. Most modern aluminium shop fronts with such sensors are being used in super markets, clubs and supermarkets where there is a rush of customers. Customized or conventional doors are not able to bear such a rush. Their sides are usually broken while in case of aluminium, its strength keeps these sides less effective to the push and pull of the people.

There are many types Aluminium glass laminated shop front doors in Australia. These types include ledged doors, ledged and braced doors, ledged and framed doors, ledged-framed and braced doors, framed and paneled doors, glazed and sash doors. Other types include flush and louvered doors. The framed and paneled are the doors with panel fitted framworks. Partially or fully glazed doors with panels are used to allow more light to enter the room.

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