JA aluminium and Glass usually, we provide both domestic and commercial glazing installations of high-quality PVC-U, aluminium, hardwood, and glass. Usually, we will provide a cost-effective and highly demanding double glazing service as we have a stock of a diverse range of laminated safety and security, float, patterned and fire rated glass according to your requirements.

Commercial & Domestic Glazing

However, all Purpose Glass provide a complete commercial and domestic glazing service with a 24-hour glass replacement service specializing in:

At JA aluminium and Glass,As a result, we know building glass and double glazing standards differ greatly from large-scale buildings to smaller residential double glazing projects so we make it easy.

  1. Shopfronts
  2. Office Partitions
  3. Window tinting
  4. Bi-fold doors


Glazing is usually referred to the glass work. It helps us to make the glass waterproof and gives the glass surface a color. Glazed windows and doors provide views, ventilation, and comfort. Technologies now a day proved to be very beneficial. The glazed glasses are not only providing comfort but also energy efficient. Glazed glasses are not only highly energy-efficient but also durable and require a little maintenance. They ensure the quality and construction and one should go for the glazed glasses.

Glazed glass, especially double glazed glasses save one on the energy costs. Multi-chambered and double glazed windows perform much better than the traditional ones. It has many types. Toughened glass is resistive to impact breakage as well as it decreases the risk breakage due to thermal stress. It shatters into smaller fragments when it breaks. These small fragments lessen the risk of major injuries. Glass may be toughened using heat or chemicals. This is used as glazed doors in bathrooms or in windows.

Laminated glass in contrast to the toughened glass is more protective. It not only controls the sound but also stops ultraviolet rays of the sun. While for heat gain reduction tinted glass is used. It is available in green, grey and bronze colours. It stops the infrared portion of sunlight as well as stops ultraviolet fading. Thus it helps our view not to be effected. Reflecting glass also has an important feature. It may have thin metal coating deposited on it via vacuum or some pyro lytic coating on it. These glazed glasses are durable and strong. However, the glass with low emissivity and high transmission lessens the amount of solar heat gain. But it maintains a good visible light transmission level. It reduces the amount of long wavelength infrared heat.

Insulating glaze units are usually known as double glazed or triple glazed glass units. Its properties depend on the layer of glass, its, sealing, thickness, content of cavities between the glass layers. The cavities are sealed so that no heat transfer occurs. In this many glasses, panes are combined into a window system.  The double glazed has two panes while the triple-glazed have three panes. This glass is fitted after it is glazed.

Double glazed windows are thought beneficial than the single ones. The reason behind this is the double glazed glass is energy efficient and is resistive to noise. They have sealed air gap between both the panes. This sealing of air between two panes acts as an insulation layer. Double glazed glass in summer prevents the unwanted heat to enter the home. Glass thickness also influences the sound resistivity. Larger the thickness of glass pane will be, larger will be its noise resistivity. They are safer than a standard single pane of glass. Moreover, it is harder to break than the glass with a single pane.

For instance in Australia double glazed windows come with frames like Upvc, aluminium and timber. Timber framed glazed windows are not so strong and durable however the Upvc framed glazed windows are cost-effective. When it comes to aluminium it is a better solution due to its better weather resistivity, strength and cost-effectiveness. In Australia, a single glazed aluminium window almost costs in a range of $150 to $200 per square meter.  This cost may increase or decrease with the variance of the material.  For example, standard aluminium glazed windows for a house may range $7000 to $10000 including the installation expenses. In case of a standard double glazed glass cost in a range of $300 to $500 per square meter. In a house of size 4 cross 2, double glazed aluminium windows cost for $12000 to $15000.

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