Bi-fold Doors



Bi-fold Doors

The slid opening doors that are made up of a series of panels, fold against the wall just like a concertina. Bi-fold doors are pulled open from the center to give the full view and full access to air to flow in. They are often called folding sliding doors. They are room dividers. They can fold in and out to open up space. They let plenty of light in as they are glazed with large glass panels.

Many of the interior designers recommend installing bi-fold doors at the entrance area of TV lounge as it comprises of panels of glass that lets households enjoy the outside view whereas movement also is easier. There is a variety of materials by which such doors are made. These materials include wood,  uPVC and aluminium.


These doors are strong enough. The reason behind their strength is the use of aluminium. Aluminum is a low-density metal as well as it doesn’t contract or expand when exposed to the weather. Therefore it requires a little maintenance. High-quality glass gives full protection from weather effects. Though wooden and iron frames are durable, aluminum suits the best for such doors.


Doors like that have retractable screens fitted. The screens provide a perfect solution. In the same way many handles for such door, contemporary designs that suit modern design and style. These doors are low weighted and their use will save you from bulk. Advanced techniques are being used in them to make their operation smooth.

This modern and sleek technology used in these doors helps towards a comfortable use. In this way, one will not face difficulty while moving the luggage. They are now a compulsory part of luxurious houses. However, customers should be aware of quality standards. Good quality material will cost less for maintenance and vice versa. A good quality door may be expansive but it will be durable, strong and beautiful in style. Another reason for the installation of these doors is that they make premises secure.

Sliding doors are much expansive than that of these doors. These doors are cost-effective. Also, these doors have numerous features that others don’t have. It is estimated that a person who goes for this kind of doors will save up to 30%. They are also much secure and comfortable. Mostly double or triple glazed glass is used in these doors as this provides best features to them.Now, these doors come with stainless steel roller system, multiple locking systems, and optional fly screens. For example, in Australia, a bi-folding three-panel door with good quality materials will cost about $5000. A six-paneled door with the same features will cost $7500.

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