Difference Between Windows And Doors:

Humans are on the earth from many of many decades from now. in early times, there was no concept of homes; they lived in cave-like houses. There was no concept of having a door or windows in the cave, and they didn’t know about these things or even thought that. Then they evolve their minds and begun to invent new things. Let’s take a ride together in our past, where our ancestors develop the basis of these things.


What is the door? We all know about the door what is, and what is the reason behaving of having it? The door is an opening point of the house or any building, where someone can enter the home, building an office or any type of building. It is also an exit point of the building, where you can exit or enter the building at some time.

So, where it comes from? The old record shows Egyptians tombs have the doors to enter or exit the tomb that is single or double, respectively.  In the early days of humans, there are no concepts of materials like iron, aluminum PVC or so,  so one thing they know about is the wood. So wood is used to make some outstanding and very heavy, bid doors.

And they believe these doors are the final doorway of their afterlife journey. And some of them are for the designs of the afterlife. As you know, the oldest doors were made of timber, the only material we know about in the early stages of life, like in kind Solomon’s temple. Hare the doors journey begins, and year after year or decade by decade, it evolves, but the primary reason does not change.

Doors are the main components of any house or even in any building. It is the opening of any home or building, room, or form one place to another place, where people vehicle or other things can enter or leave. The most basic reason for the doors is to provide security and safety to you and your house from the buglers and outside world.  There is a number of doors with different types of material available to meet your requirements and needs.


What is the window? As the doors are the opening of the house to entering the home or building, likewise windows are the opening in the wall, to get light and air in the house or building.

So from where this idea came from, and who invent this? In the early stages of humans like in the 13th century BC, the first openings in the roof were designed for the sake of light at day time, but there is one significant disadvantage in the early days, once the opening was made how it covers up at the night time? Later it covered by animals hide, cloth, wood.

These are you can say that the shutters of the windows or opening. The fundamental reason for inventing them is to get the light in the house and protected the inhabitants. After many things being used to create them more creatively, like marble, fengite, pieces of glass, wood and other things. At the 100 AD cast, glass windows will appear, and enhancement was never stopped in windows making.

As doors are the opening of the house or building, likewise windows are the opening in the wall, door, or some time in the roof like the early days. The windows are used to allow the air, light, and sound to come to your property. There are hundreds of types of windows are available for your home or building. That provides beautiful and attractive scenery to your house.

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