Alfresco Living

Alfresco living offers you the most of your summer living outside while dining outside and enjoying beautiful evening and summer night in your garden and yard. The outdoor living is one of the fastest trend going in western culture. The homeowner is now replicating there dining rooms, fireplaces and recreational with the modern concept of alfresco living. Alfresco offers outdoor furniture options top class extension of your home.

For inside out connection alfresco living is ideal to have an outdoor dining room, with marble floor attach with fireplace and same area can be adjutant with the swimming pool. Some manufacture adds wood ceiling interior style feature that gives traditional look as well as fulfilling modern needs.

The all in one place living and merging TV louche, dining room and restroom in inside-out architecture is a definite modern word need. Smart builders innovate this concept which is growing faster in America and other regions like Australia and Canada.

Traditional Television sets are now replaced with big flat screen, the contemporary, traditional and transaction styles are the same key features of jaaluminiumglass. We are offering and the frame, screens, fabric and contemporary styles are constructed in a way that can stand with weather conditions. Chose from our aesthetically build aluminium doors, fly screen and windows to add aesthetic and beauty in your home yard and terraces.

Treat your home with the unique outlook of exterior and you will notice the cosy and comfort zone for sitting, dining, reading, parting, resting as well as spending time with yourself while observing refreshing weather are few outcomes that you can be enjoying.


Outside functional rooms need proper flooring in the ground base. Some options are brick, grass, stone and grave as well as concrete are used according to the need of the design. You can use rugs as well that are resistant to water and sunlight.


The fabric which is used for furniture cover and sitting needs to be comfortable, simple yet stylish. It should be resilient and refreshing colors with attractive designs. Also, consider the importance of bridging of internal furniture with external furniture.

Attractive visuals

The use of material for flooring, partitions and furniture should be energy efficient free of rust, corrosion. Some individuals like to grow grass on the floor that will bring new attire in your outdoor living. A metal gazebo, wooden gazebo with comfortable sitting area also add attractive visual to your outdoor living.

Kitchen and fireplace

You can bring fireplace to your outdoor living as well because many homeowners like the modern idea of gathering in open year with comfort for warm up in starry nights. And you can enjoy family events and party in cold winter weather. Add stone or metal chimney for attractiveness for barbecue, even many prefer outdoor kitchen as well.


Proper illumination of outdoor living is very important and make sure about the use and importance of light in evenings. You can buy attractive lamps with unique designs like a merge of candle shape bulb with a scone, oil lamp, ground lights etc. glass vases lit more light outside in evening so you can consider them as well.

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